Windows 11 Features

Windows 10 Features are Removed in Windows 11

On June 24, 2021, Microsoft officially introduced its newest operating system, namely Windows 11. Many changes are certainly fresher and supported by new features, but there are several things they have to sacrifice.

They also decided to remove some Windows 10 features in Windows 11, so users can no longer use them or have to download them separately.

Curious about what features were in Windows 10 but were removed in Windows 11? Here are some of them.


Who doesn’t know Cortana? The digital assistant that Microsoft introduced through Windows 10 can actually still be used in Windows 11. However, Cortana is no longer on the taskbar or in the Windows search function.

The application adapted from the game made by Microsoft, namely Halo, will actually continue to run on Windows 11 and not much change from the Windows 10 version. However, according to leaks from the Windows 11 build, users need to download it themselves before using it on a PC or laptop.

Internet Explorer

Windows users are definitely no stranger to Internet Explorer. This browser has become one of the information search media presented by Microsoft from the time of Windows 95. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer, including Windows 10 features, was removed in Windows 11 and replaced with Edge.

Even for Windows 10, this browser is still presented until the last version, IE 11, until June 15, 2022. Even so, the Edge browser that looks more modern still provides the IE Mode feature.

Even though we have to wait until 2022 for the new Internet Explorer called the Edge, we still can access the Internet from our infamous Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Also, we can still run some internet gambling games like judi slot online terbaik that perfectly smooth using their feature. While playing online gambling or online betting on the Ice3bet website, don’t forget to claim their special bonuses for the newly entered member.

Quick status Lost from Lock Screen

In Windows 10, users can add the quick status of certain applications to appear on the lock screen. Of course, for some people, this feature will make it easier for them to see incoming notifications without having to log in first.

Later, you can no longer use the Quick Status feature because it was one of Windows 10 that was removed in Windows 11. The feature that replaces it is a Widget that can display various daily information, such as calendars, maps, or weather predictions.

Start Menu Changed, No Tiles Feature

Another feature that is undergoing an overhaul is the Start Menu. The most significant difference compared to Windows 10 is that the Tiles feature is no longer presented.

The Tiles feature itself is used to group applications in 1 tile group in the Start Menu. In addition, users can also adjust the size of the application size as desired. But all these features are no longer used in the latest Windows, so users can no longer apply them automatically.

Some of the features of Windows 10 removed in Windows 11 were replaced with new features, which certainly did not disappoint.

No More Timeline Features

In Windows 10, you can go through the task view button in the Taskbar section to open the Timeline. Its function is similar to the History feature in the browser, but the Timeline can also display some applications and documents for the next 30 days.

Unfortunately, Timeline is also a Windows 10 feature that was removed in Windows 11. As a result, users can no longer enjoy the convenience of these features, but if you open the Edge browser, there is 1 Timeline element that is taken, namely synchronization for edge tabs.

Start Menu and Taskbar Can’t be Moved

In addition to removing some features in Windows 10, Microsoft has also overhauled the Start Menu and taskbar location. It was originally on the left side of the screen; now they’re centered, just like the macOS display.

It’s just that from the appearance of the leaked Beta version, the Start Menu and taskbar can still be moved to the left side but can’t as desired to the right, left, or top side of the screen.

More Features That Are No Longer in Windows 11

There are still more Windows 10 features removed in Windows 11, such as the Snipping Tool, 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D, and even Skype. So, of course, it’s a surprise that Skype is no longer presented in this latest Windows release.

Later Microsoft will replace Skype with Team Chat with better features for sure. If there are users who still want to use Skype, they must download it themselves through the Windows Store.

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