What is Software? Definition& Types

Surely you have often heard the word software in your daily life. For you computer users, you are indeed very familiar with hardware and software. Because, when you start to get to know your computer, you will first be introduced to computer hardware and software. This is because software and hardware become an important part so that the computer can work well.

Then what is software? Well, if you are still confused with the notion of software, it helps you get to know the understanding of software and types of software first. If the hardware on the computer is hardware that supports computer functions such as the CPU, monitor, and mouse. The software on a network is called software because it cannot be seen physically, but the benefits can be felt digitally.

Software or software on a computer can be said as a link between hardware and users. Software is a collection of electronic data in the form of programs or instructions stored on a computer and will do a command from a computer user digitally.

Although it is not visible, the existence of software is very important in a device to work well so that humans can use it.

Types of Software

As an important part of an electronic device, the software is divided into several types depending on its use. Based on the type of software can be divided into operating systems or operating systems, programming languages, and application programs. It can be seen that a device can work well. There needs to be some software that works therein.

Operating System

The operating system or what is often referred to as the OS. The existence of an OS in a device is it a computer, cellphone, tablet, or other electronic devices is very important because, without the OS, hardware cannot be used. On a laptop, the existence of an OS is useful for giving instructions to the processor by the request of the user of the device. The OS will manage everything that happens inside the computer CPU, and the OS also becomes a platform to run application software.

Several types of OS are widely used in computer devices such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh OS. For users of mobile phones, tablets, or other similar devices must be very familiar with Android. At present most of the cellphones and other similar devices are equipped with software for mobile phones in the form of android. There are also iPhone users who use iOS. This shows that software is the key to creating digital activities that we do every day. There is no digital activity that can be done without software and hardware.

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Programming Language

This type of software functions to provide instructions that are useful for defining computer application programs. The data used in this software are syntax and semantics. One type of programming language that is widely known is Java, Microsoft Visual Basic, PHP, and so on. The existence of this software is very instrumental in the implementation of instructions given by users on a device.

Application Program (Application Program)

This type of software is software whose existence is useful for carrying out special activities. This software helps carry out certain commands, call it application programs for writing, presenting, processing numbers, processing statistical data, carrying out accounting activities, and so on. One type of application program for processing numbers is Microsoft Excel, Kspread, Open Office Cals, and so on, while the writing activity application program is Microsoft Word.

Besides the various types of software, there is still much software that is divided based on their distribution. Some examples of software that are divided by type are adware, opensource, freeware, shareware, and spyware. The type of software that is free to use is open-source software that can be used publicly. This software is generally made by individuals or communities with a GPL license or General Public License. There is also a freeware software that can be used freely at any time without any time limit. Freeware generally has less complete features.

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