Understanding Hardware, Functions and Types

In this discussion, we will review the hardware. The explanation includes the understanding of hardware, type of hardware, hardware functions, and examples of hardware that will be discussed in full and easy to understand. For more details, please consider the following review carefully.

Hardware is often referred to in a computer device because the computer consists of hardware and software. For those who already know a computer or laptop, of course, they already understand what hardware is and examples that can be seen directly. But for ordinary people certainly do not know and are confused when asked about hardware. Well, without waiting for a long time, read the explanation below.

Understanding Hardware

Hardware is a collection of physical components that make up a computer device. Or with other languages ​​, the hardware is a computer or electronic component that has a physical form, which can be held, and related to a computer system.

Hardware is divided into 3 in outline, namely hardware input, hardware process, hardware output. Hardware is an interrelated component of software and brainware on a computer. If there is no hardware, then there is no computer. For computers to be used normally, there must be hardware, software, and brainware available. Because if one of them does not exist, then a computer device cannot be used.

For example, it is a computer that has no monitor, so it cannot display the visuals of the process ordered. And vice versa, if everything already exists but the system or software has not been installed, then it cannot work.

Hardware function

Hardware functions make it easier for computer users to work or with complete hardware, the computer system can run well. For its function is by the type of existing hardware. So for that, below will be explained examples of hardware and their respective functions.

Types of Hardware

Hardware is divided into 3 types which you can see below:

Hardware Input (Input Device)

Hardware input or called an input device is a device used to enter data into a computer. Then the data enters the processing or a process—many types of devices for input and control a computer.

Examples of input hardware: Mouse, Keyboard, scanner, mouse pen, disk drive, joystick, trackball

Hardware Process (Process Device)

A process device or processing device is to process and process data on a computer. This device can also be referred to as the brain of a computer because it is an important device for processing data that is input or entered. Examples of Hardware Processes are CPU, VGA, Ram and so on

Output Device (Hardware Output)

Hardware output is hardware that is used to print and display information from the input data from the input hardware and has been processed by the hardware process. Examples are Monitors, Speakers, and Printers.

Besides those mentioned above, other hardware devices can help in the operation of the computer, like Peripherals (Enhancements). Enhancements are devices that function to help the computer run intrusion or user commands. An example is a modem, and a modem is a type of hardware whose function is to communicate with the internet network. A modem can connect a computer with an internet network that converts digital signals into analog signals.

And in addition to the modem, there is also a Storage (Storage device). This storage device is a hard drive. This hard drive is installed on the computer and serves to store files or files on the computer.

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