Required Software on Windows 10 Laptops and PCs

The new year has passed, of course, good prayers, and all plans were prepared so that it can be carried out well in the future. Well, for those of you who also get the chance to have a new laptop that has Windows 10 installed so that it can work more smoothly.

Google Chrome

The first additional application that you must install on your new Windows 10 laptop or PC is a browser. Yup, Google Chrome is the best browser choice for Windows 10. With this Google Chrome browser, you can surf the internet more easily and quickly.

Internet Download Manager / IDM

For those of you who frequently download movies or files on the internet, ranging from film, songs, software, etc., you need to install Yupzz’s Internet Download Manager software, with this software, downloading any file is faster. Even the speed is up to 10x faster.

Microsoft Office

Processing and creating documents is one of the important things to do on a laptop or computer. One of the best document processing software that Blog Dimensidata recommends is Microsoft Office. The features and functions of Microsoft Office are complete, starting from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

For the best anti-virus software for Windows 10 PCs and laptops, Dimensidata Blog recommends Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. One of the advantages of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s best anti-virus software is that it can detect malware very quickly and tightly. Because malware and viruses that are hidden even can be detected by the Malwarebytes application, even more amazing, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can also block websites suspected of containing malware.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema / MPC-HC

One of the activities that can be done on laptops and computers is watching videos. Whether in the form of films or music videos. To watch movies more smoothly, you need a quality video player software. The best video player for Windows 10 laptops that you can use is Media Player Classic. This software can play videos in any file format.

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is one of the best text editor software that is good for Windows 10 PCs and laptops. Notepad ++ works using Scintilla structures to be able to display and edit text and source code files in various programming languages. Notepad ++ software is perfect for those of you who work as a developer and Blogger.

CC Cleaner

What not many people realize, as a result, if they forget to install the software that is mandatory on their new laptops and PCs. Yes, it’s slow, of course, because of the many junks in the computer that aren’t cleaned. Is that junk? Trash can be browser history, cookies, and some other junk files. To avoid this, always do regular cleaning with the CC Cleaner application so the computer can run fast and not easily lag.

The advantage of humans now in photography is increasing. Therefore, many photo editing applications have also emerged that you can use to fulfill your post filling needs on Instagram, one of which is is a lighter default Windows application that can be used to edit photos or images.



Wunderlist is one of the software that must be on the laptop to record all the agendas that you will prepare, so you don’t forget and easily find them. This wanderlust is also equipped with a special reminder tool so that you can prepare well for precious moments. The advantage of this application, you can insert document files, pictures, and even music to beautify and enhance your agenda notes. So, don’t forget to install it on your new favorite laptop.

Foxit Reader

One of the document file formats that are often used is PDF. Because of its small size, so the process of sending via e-mail is faster. Well, to open files in PDF format, you need special software. Good software for opening documents in PDF format is Foxit Reader. Because Foxit Reader PDF software has a smaller file size and lighter and free, of course. Foxit Reader features are no less good with Adobe Reader software.

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