How to Manage Employee Attendance and Tracking Using an Online Attendance System

Along with technological advances, now the employee attendance system has also increased in terms of management, as well as the absence method. For those of you who are involved in the HR world, the term “online attendance” is certainly familiar, but actually, how does this absentee innovation system work? Let us discuss concisely along with its advantages compared to conventional absence systems. Following is an explanation of Managing Absence and Tracking Employees Using an Online Attendance System.

How Online Attendance Works

Management efficiency is a goal that is trying to break through the online attendance system by utilizing the internet network, server, GPS, biometric systems, HRIS systems, and of course, smartphones as a replacement device for attendance machines.

Users (employees) can install an online absence system in the form of an application on their smartphone, then make an absence from the application, the authentication method can be with many things namely locking the GPS area (employees can only be absent in a designated area), then fingerprint or photo.

Then users can send their absences directly to the server, of course, with an internet connection. In this server, the HR division can access and view attendance reports of all employees, and they can download timesheets to be able to view data offline.

Then how is attendance data coming into this server arranged?

This is special about today’s employee attendance online system, HR software developers such as PayrollBozz create a system that can organize HR management and governance including employee attendance data, which is called HRIS (human resource information systems)

The HRIS system embedded in the server will manage all incoming attendance data, Who regulates? In this case, the company. Before using the online attendance system, the company will certainly be asked to make arrangements ranging from absent radius, hours of entry & return, overtime, and others.

So the incoming data will be regulated according to company regulations when the company’s HR division downloads the attendance report from the system, so the data received will be seen, there will be seen the number of attendance, delays, overtime, and permits on all working days or holidays for all employees.

To further streamline the work of the company’s HR division, attendance data that enters the system can be directly entered into the payroll or payroll process, and there will be calculated based on employee salary on attendance report along with other components such as benefits, incentives, deductions, taxes, BPJS and the other. Well, one of the advantages of using the online attendance system we have already mentioned, what else besides that? Let’s look below.

Excellence Online Compared to Conventional Attendance Systems


Imagine how many absences the company must buy if it still uses the conventional absence system? Not to mention if the number of employees is thousands or scattered in branches outside the city, it won’t be very easy to carry out centralized management.
Not to mention, the company must set aside costs for engine maintenance, and even then, the data contained in the machine must be withdrawn manually, such as using a flash or data cable. This will take a lot of time, money, and effort.

Field Employees Can be More Productive

Field employees will benefit greatly because they can be absent in the work area, and HRD can also track through the application. Field employees do not have to bother coming to the office to be absent. They can go directly to the location. Once again, saved is the time and operational costs.

Not Too Hectic When Cutt Off

Getting into the cut off period or payroll process are very busy days for HRD, because they have to work overtime to do it all, and the results are sometimes inaccurate. HR software developers like PayrollBozz have features that can meet the needs of the HR division during cut-off times.

Starting from the online attendance system, enter the payroll process until the payslip is sent to all employees and can be viewed through the application. This makes it easier and keeps the company’s HR free from stress. Otherwise, the results will be far more accurate and anti-manipulative.

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