5 of The Best Music Players for Linux

The Linux operating system is indeed less popular than other operating systems such as Windows or Mac. Even so, not a few people who prefer to use Linux as an operating system on his computer.

Now, speaking of Linux, this time, we will provide a recommendation for the best music player program that can be used on the Linux operating system. So, for those of you who use Linux and like listening to music, some of the music player programs below might be used to listen to favorite songs. You can also tune your favorite music while playing online sportbook like agen bola terpercaya. All you need to do is just by click here and download the software. It is an exciting moment, that you can join online sportbook and hear to you favorite music using only with Linux software.


The first program that can be relied upon to listen to music is DeaDBeeF. This program can play various types of song files such as WV / iso.wv, wav, Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, ape, m4b / m4a / mp4, mpc, audio cd, tta,  and so on. Fun again, DeaDBeeF can not only play songs but can also convert the song to another song format. This program also provides options so that users can custom customize the user interface according to their desires.


Clementine is a music player available for many platforms, including Linux. This program can not only play songs stored in computer storage memory but also can play songs that have been stored in cloud-based storage. Clementine can also play radio streaming. For those who are interested, you can get this program directly from the website address.


The next application that you can download and can be used to listen to songs on the Linux operating system is Cmus. Cmus is fast, a small, and good performance program that plays various types of song files, such as WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, MP4, FLAC,  MP3, Opus, Musepack, WAV, AAC, audio CD, and other supported files by FFmpeg.

Music Player Daemon

This program is a flexible and powerful music player program for playing music. With plugins and libraries, this program can play various types of music. You can download the Music Player Daemon via the website address.


Audacious is also one of the music player programs that can be relied upon to play music on the Linux operating system. To add songs to the playlist is very easy, just drag and drop the folder that contains the song or song you want to listen to. You can also listen to songs from a CD or online via streaming from the internet.