The Best Program for Editing PDFs on Linux

Until now, the Linux operating system is arguably still less competitive when compared with other operating systems, both with Windows or Mac OS. Even so, users of the Linux OS do not need to worry about the availability of the program because the developers still provide programs for Linux.

Now, speaking of programs for Linux, are there any of you who happen to be looking for programs to edit PDF files? If by chance, anyone else is looking for these types of programs, this time, we have 5 programs that we recommend for you. There is also an online gambling site where you can visit and play agen bola, and it is very suitable for Linux.

Foxit Reader

This program can be relied upon to edit PDF type files. Besides being able to open PDF files, this program can also be used to create PDF files. Users can provide add-ons so that the PDF created can be fully integrated with MS Office, PowerPoint, and Excel. No need to worry about a lack of storage memory capacity because this program can save PDF files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and SharePoint.


The last program we recommend is Able2Extract. This program can easily convert, create, and edit PDF files. Not only does it make other files into PDF format, but this program can also make PDF files into other file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Images, Publisher, and the Open Source format.

Master PDF Editor

As the name implies, this program can be relied upon to manage PDF type files. Not only can you open PDF files, but Master PDF Editor also has the ability to create PDF files, give digital signatures, edit, scan, and print PDF files. Besides, this program can also be used to fill out forms in PDF file format.


The next program that we recommend is LibreOffice. This program is open source and can be obtained free of charge. LibreOffice itself is compatible with many document formats, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. With this program, the user gets maximum control over data and content and converts the data or content to other file formats such as PDF.

PDF Studio

PDF Studio is an easy program to use. This program can be used to open PDF files, create PDF files, and also edit PDF files. Also, other capabilities possessed by this program are providing watermarks, headers, and footers. Not only that, but PDF Studio also can make files that are scanned directly can be saved into PDF format.