Windows 10 Weaknesses

7 Weaknesses of Windows 10

Windows is a computer operating system that people widely use. Over time, Windows has released many products with various features. One of them is Windows 10, which is the latest Windows Operating System introduced in 2015. However, as with other operating systems, there are several shortcomings of Windows 10 that computer users need to understand.

The Windows Operating System is certainly quite familiar to use for a number of computers around the world. Windows is an Operating System made by Microsoft that has released various Windows OS versions, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest version made by Microsoft, which is now widely used by the public. Windows 10 was released on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 offers a variety of the latest features compared to the previous version. The presence of Windows 10 immediately attracted the attention of computer users.

Because there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 that are quite important to note. Especially for those of you who have work activities directly related to computers. Of course, knowing the shortcomings of Windows 10 needs to be considered when deciding whether to upgrade to the latest version or still stick with the old version.

Because a number of users have also decided to choose to use the previous version of Windows for various reasons, you can see the shortcomings of Windows 10 through some of the reviews below. In addition, the following shortcomings of Windows 10 have been summarized from various sources.

  1. Update Not Perfect

The first drawback of Windows 10 is the imperfect update. This is because, to update Windows 10, users usually have to stay connected to the internet. And vice versa, if you are not connected to the internet, the update process may experience obstacles because there are quite a lot of Windows 10 updates that Microsoft has not completed. Thus, not too perfect, a number of features designed by Windows 10 may not be too optimal to run.

  1. Quite Complicated to Operate

The next drawback of Windows 10 is that it is quite complicated to operate. In this case, the Windows 10 Operating System is allegedly more complicated to operate. Therefore, especially for users who are using a computer for the first time, the Windows 10 OS feels less suitable for them. Again, however, this deficiency is felt differently in each person.

However, the advantage is that the features are quite modern with the latest trends like today. But you can also reconsider choosing an upgrade to the Windows 10 version or not according to your needs or needs.

  1. Few Applications

The next drawback of Windows 10 is that the available applications are known to be few. Windows 10 still has a relatively small number of applications. Because in the Windows store, more applications available are UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications.

The UWP application is one of the latest technologies from Microsoft. This can allow users to see various currently running applications and can be run through all-screen displays.

  1. Frequently Update

The next drawback of Windows 10 is the problem in updating. Similar to previous versions of Windows, this operating system also applies regular updates. Unfortunately on Windows 10 has a problem that the update is not complete or perfect. This causes Windows 10 may appear various updates suddenly or unscheduled.

So don’t be surprised if later maybe your Operating System will update suddenly. Launching from, the program that is not too perfect can make Windows 10 still have less than optimal performance.

  1. Compatibility with Previous Programs

Launching from, the lack of Windows 10 can also occur due to the compatibility factor with the previous program. In a sense, if you still have a previous version of Windows, there are a number of old programs or games that may not work on the latest Windows Operating System. So you can reconsider upgrading with Windows 10. For that, first, understand whether your applications on previous versions of Windows can run on the latest Windows. In addition, knowing more details about Windows 10 can be done to reassure the latest version upgrade.

  1. Some Apps Are Missing

The next drawback of Windows 10 is that the Windows Media Center or WMC feature is not available in the latest version of Windows 10. As is known, Windows Media Center is an application that existed in previous versions of Windows. But you can’t find this app in the latest version.

Launching from, in addition to the absence of the Windows Media Center application, Windows 10 also does not have a standard DVD player that is usually available after the installation process. But there is a replacement, namely VLC, which can be downloaded easily.

  1. Advantages of Windows 10

After knowing the shortcomings of Windows 10, this Operating System also has a number of advantages or advantages. The advantages of Windows 10 are as follows that can be felt by computer users.

– Start menu is more dynamic and practical.

– More modern features.

– Can display multiple applications on one screen without having to close the previous application.

– More secure with a fingerprint or retina scanner on the Windows Hello feature.

– The operating system is lighter and faster.

– Performance for playing games is better than ever with the game mode.

So, those are the six shortcomings of Windows 10 that are important for computer users to know. Some of the advantages or disadvantages of Windows 10 can be your consideration for switching to the previous version of Windows.

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