The 5 Best Apps For Employee Activity Management

Employee activity management. In the current situation, businesses, especially HR departments, need solutions to support their work-from-home (WFH) and part-office (WFO) employees. Depending on each company’s policy, some companies prioritize attendance, others schedule and manage employee tasks for easier oversight, or both. But the bottom line is that providing an employee with a superior organizational experience in all work activities increases her Employee eXperience (EX) within the organization. Since employees are the ones who interact directly with customers, improving the level of employee experience (EX) will determine the level of experience satisfaction (CX) for future customers. For more information on CX, see another article.


Wide range of applications for working from home (WFH) or part-time working in the office (WFO). Each application has different benefits and features and, of course, different prices. Here are the five best applications that enable enterprise HR departments to measure employee productivity and performance through contextualized features.


A solution for tracking employee attendance using mobile device apps. Attendzone leverages GPS and Selfie as key feature benefits in optimizing attendance. In addition to this, Attendzone also has a notification feature that will notify employees if they are late and forget to be late while attending.

Attendzone has the features you need in its current state, but more professional features cost up to $50/month for payroll features.


Whether you’re working in the office, at home, or on the go, you can monitor your team’s presence. Gibble’s great features are Face Recognition or Facial Recognition and its Geolocalion feature which allows you to test exactly where your employees are. Jibble also has a professional version for $3/month with payroll functionality.


Time and attendance software allows you to work with multiple shifts and rosters, personalize vacations and attendance. Features like geotagging, one-view and biometric integration allow you to better monitor how your employees are spending their valuable time at work. You can check the price directly on Darwinbox official website.

Tanda – Employee Time Clock

Tanda has the same features as other HR apps, namely GPS and selfies. That being said, one of the great things about Tanden is that you can apply for leave on the application. Shield can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

eBesha EX

Employee eXperience (EX) application for improving employee productivity provides the most important features of daily task management and supporting document upload. eBesha EX is also equipped with geotagging-based online presence capabilities to report real-time employee presence and attendance, as well as permit, leave and overtime requests. HR information required by employees such as benefits, salaries, etc. can also be viewed directly from his eBesha EX application, not only facilitating communication with the HRD department, but also ensuring the transparency of employment data for employees.

Daily task management allows you to assign tasks to your employees as a supervisor and collaborate with other departments, so you can closely monitor coordination between teams and daily work goals in real time. This feature provides great support to the company when working from home (WFH) or working part-time in the office (WFO), making it easier for her HRD in the company to assess employee performance.

eBesha EX is here as a solution to support your company’s digital transformation on the inside side of Employee Development (EX). Digitizing traditional processes to follow the evolving times and new behaviors, enable companies to survive in an increasingly sustainable way and adapt to the changing times.

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