Who We Are?


GoldzSoft is a website that publishes a collection of computer and technology news: software, hardware, networks, and games that were founded in 2007. Our website has been read by thousands of technology fans, power users, applications, and game makers.

GoldzSoft provides the latest technology news and analytics accurately to fans and professional audiences who look forward to technical details as well as those who want to learn. We also provide comprehensive product reviews, software recommendations, and knowledge about the product database.


In development work, we use the latest technology such as WEB-based programming and translate it into practical benefits for customers.

Features of this fully integrated product:

  • Perfect integration into MS Office
  • Supports Multiple Browsers such as Chrome, IE, Safari etc.
  • Web Based Technology
  • Various platforms between Client and Server
  • Connection via the Internet or Intranet
  • Database Technology: MS SQL Server
  • Support for Cloud Computing


Using one system you can computerize all company projects in one central location. This activity is one of the functions of computer system standardization which is very useful in an organization.


Goldzsoft provides online technical support for all of its customers through dial-up networks and using the internet or modem.


Goldzsoft features table-driven and design that allows you to configure the system — from data validation to business process rules.