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Adobe Page Maker

Adobe Page Maker is a data processing application software that is used to design newspapers, magazine/paper covers, business cards, invitations, letterheads, greeting cards, and others.

World Robot Summit

World Robot is the largest exhibition consisting of the World Robot Challenge and the World Robot Expo. World Robot Challenge is a robot competition where teams come from all over the world and compete in 4 categories. And the World Robot Expo is an exhibition that displays a variety of robots, software, and sophisticated robot technology.


5 Best Windows Computer Games of All Time

Games can not only be played through platforms and consoles and Android, such as Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, or Nintendo Wii. Games can also be enjoyed through a personal computer or PC with a computer that we already have. It’s been a long time since the game industry has penetrated the computer world. The function of the computer is not only to speed up and help human work but also functions as a place of entertainment through playing games. Here are 5 of the Best Windows Computer Games in Ancient Times.

The computer has an operating system or OS; one of the most popular is Windows. And one type of Windows OS that was once a favorite is Windows XP. Where Windows XP was once the king of computer programs in his day. Windows is also famous for having many default games that could become favorites and excellent for computer users.

Of course, almost all computer or laptop users know the names of games and games in Windows. These default Windows games can be found through the Start menu, select All Programs, and select Games. There will appear a series of games or games that are ready for you to play. The default Windows game is a simple basic game.

The Best Windows Game



As the name implies, this game is a Pinball game, so the way to play is the same as a circular pinball in general. Our goal is to prevent the ball from falling into the hole and stay inside the pinball area.

While in the area, try to keep the ball always touching other objects. This is useful for adding to your game score. The highest score will be included in the high scoreboard.

Capsa Susun Game

ceme online game

The capsa stacking game is a very interesting game, the game uses playing cards consisting of 52 cards. Even now you can play it on online, there’s so many site that you can visit or you can download the apps on your smartphone. Capsa stacking is very popular in Hong Kong and parts of Southeast Asia, this one card game, also played in the USA. The Capsa Susun game is known by several names.



This Solitaire game has similarities with the Spider Solitaire game. The goal is to arrange and sort cards from small to large according to the type and color of the card. The cards will be sorted into 4 boxes above. Solitaire has a higher level of difficulty and is difficult compared to the Spider Solitaire game. Solitaire is also included in the category of the best playing cards game of all time. You can play this online on many poker sites and get various benefits. One of them is a bonus given to new members. Besides that, you can also get friends from here.


Game Hearts

Game Hearts is one of the most popular Windows computer games. Hearts is a type of card game. This game is played by 4 players where the other three players are run by a computer. This game requires us to win the smallest points because the player with the smallest points will come out as the winner.



Minesweeper game is a really simple game. You only need to select and click on each box on your computer screen. Later you have to click all the boxes until they run out. But you have to be careful because there are boxes that contain bombs. The boxes containing the bomb are random, so to win this game requires a lucky factor.

Spider Solitaire

Game Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a card game. How to play is also very easy, namely by arranging and sorting cards from large to small according to the type and color of cards, hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

If a deadlock occurs, there is a tool used to add or take cards from the deck. This Spider Solitaire game is very simple and has become a legend among computer users. Everyone must have played this game.

Thus some information about the 5 best windows computer games in ancient times. Now you can still play this game on your computer. Playing this game will also add to your skills in concentrating strategy concocting. Hopefully, this article is useful, and thank you.

5 Best & Free Windows 10 Games on The Microsoft Store 2020

For Windows 10 users, Microsoft Store is a place where we can get various applications for free. Although not very popular, but if we want to sort it out carefully, there are many useful applications there, including games. Fun again, we can get interesting games at the Microsoft Store for free. Although you can still visit to play sportsbook or casino online with real money, all the games are in the cloud, so you don’t need to install apps.

5 Best Free Windows 10 Games in 2020

Here are 5 best and free Windows 10 games that you can get from the Microsoft Store.

March of Empires: War of Lords

March of Empires: War of Lords is the best strategy game on Windows 10 that we can get for free. This game has a background in a war between kingdoms. If you like strategy games like the Age of Empire, then this game is a must-try.

The graphic display is good, with a clear and interesting storyline. In the March of Empires: War of Lords game, we can build our kingdom and create clans with other players. We can expand the territory of our kingdom by conquering other kingdoms.

Sniper Fury

For those of you who like the sniper game, you must try this Sniper Fury game. In this game, we will play as a sniper to work on global missions in various parts of the world, and the targets are bosses from evil organizations.

This game has an excellent graphical display, which makes it interesting is its clear storyline. So every mission we do is always a story behind it. One of the interesting scenes in the game is slow-motion bullets that are fired towards the target. If you first see, it will look very epic at all.

Overkill 3

The best game for Windows 10 that we can get for free at the next Microsoft Store is Overkill 3. This game is a shooter genre with a background of the future world where machines and robots have taken over civilization.

We will do many missions and fight against evil robots and troops with super modern suits. What’s interesting about this game is the cinematic effect that is in the game, the graphic quality is also very good.


The best and free game on Windows 10, the fourth is Roblox. Roblox is a social game that can be played on various platforms ranging from smartphones, Xbox, and pc. This game had become trending some time ago and was played by millions of people from all over the world.

In this game, we can build our world. We can play as a superhero, driver, become a model, become a trader, or create a cool 3D house to gather with other players from all over the world.

There is no limit to how this game we will play, maybe this is what makes it very popular and liked by almost all people because we are free to realize our imagination in this game. Roblox can be obtained free of charge at the Microsoft Store.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Do you like racing games? Asphalt 8: Airborne is a must for you to install on Windows 10. This game, which until now, has been one of the best racing games on Windows 10, has a very neat graphical display.

Asphalt has been installed and played by tens of millions of players from all over the world. We can feel exciting racing with super high speed on 40 tracks in the game. This game can be played single-player or multiplayer with other players.

Anyway, Asphalt 8 is the coolest racing game on Windows 10. Although it’s been more than 5 years since its first release still this game is fun to play. Immediately, you guys try it yourself.

Understanding Hardware, Functions and Types

In this discussion, we will review the hardware. The explanation includes the understanding of hardware, type of hardware, hardware functions, and examples of hardware that will be discussed in full and easy to understand. For more details, please consider the following review carefully.

Hardware is often referred to in a computer device because the computer consists of hardware and software. For those who already know a computer or laptop, of course, they already understand what hardware is and examples that can be seen directly. But for ordinary people certainly do not know and are confused when asked about hardware. Well, without waiting for a long time, read the explanation below.

Understanding Hardware

Hardware is a collection of physical components that make up a computer device. Or with other languages ​​, the hardware is a computer or electronic component that has a physical form, which can be held, and related to a computer system.

Hardware is divided into 3 in outline, namely hardware input, hardware process, hardware output. Hardware is an interrelated component of software and brainware on a computer. If there is no hardware, then there is no computer. For computers to be used normally, there must be hardware, software, and brainware available. Because if one of them does not exist, then a computer device cannot be used.

For example, it is a computer that has no monitor, so it cannot display the visuals of the process ordered. And vice versa, if everything already exists but the system or software has not been installed, then it cannot work.

Hardware function

Hardware functions make it easier for computer users to work or with complete hardware, the computer system can run well. For its function is by the type of existing hardware. So for that, below will be explained examples of hardware and their respective functions.

Types of Hardware

Hardware is divided into 3 types which you can see below:

Hardware Input (Input Device)

Hardware input or called an input device is a device used to enter data into a computer. Then the data enters the processing or a process—many types of devices for input and control a computer.

Examples of input hardware: Mouse, Keyboard, scanner, mouse pen, disk drive, joystick, trackball

Hardware Process (Process Device)

A process device or processing device is to process and process data on a computer. This device can also be referred to as the brain of a computer because it is an important device for processing data that is input or entered. Examples of Hardware Processes are CPU, VGA, Ram and so on

Output Device (Hardware Output)

Hardware output is hardware that is used to print and display information from the input data from the input hardware and has been processed by the hardware process. Examples are Monitors, Speakers, and Printers.

Besides those mentioned above, other hardware devices can help in the operation of the computer, like Peripherals (Enhancements). Enhancements are devices that function to help the computer run intrusion or user commands. An example is a modem, and a modem is a type of hardware whose function is to communicate with the internet network. A modem can connect a computer with an internet network that converts digital signals into analog signals.

And in addition to the modem, there is also a Storage (Storage device). This storage device is a hard drive. This hard drive is installed on the computer and serves to store files or files on the computer.

How to Manage Employee Attendance and Tracking Using an Online Attendance System

Along with technological advances, now the employee attendance system has also increased in terms of management, as well as the absence method. For those of you who are involved in the HR world, the term “online attendance” is certainly familiar, but actually, how does this absentee innovation system work? Let us discuss concisely along with its advantages compared to conventional absence systems. Following is an explanation of Managing Absence and Tracking Employees Using an Online Attendance System.

How Online Attendance Works

Management efficiency is a goal that is trying to break through the online attendance system by utilizing the internet network, server, GPS, biometric systems, HRIS systems, and of course, smartphones as a replacement device for attendance machines.

Users (employees) can install an online absence system in the form of an application on their smartphone, then make an absence from the application, the authentication method can be with many things namely locking the GPS area (employees can only be absent in a designated area), then fingerprint or photo.

Then users can send their absences directly to the server, of course, with an internet connection. In this server, the HR division can access and view attendance reports of all employees, and they can download timesheets to be able to view data offline.

Then how is attendance data coming into this server arranged?

This is special about today’s employee attendance online system, HR software developers such as PayrollBozz create a system that can organize HR management and governance including employee attendance data, which is called HRIS (human resource information systems)

The HRIS system embedded in the server will manage all incoming attendance data, Who regulates? In this case, the company. Before using the online attendance system, the company will certainly be asked to make arrangements ranging from absent radius, hours of entry & return, overtime, and others.

So the incoming data will be regulated according to company regulations when the company’s HR division downloads the attendance report from the system, so the data received will be seen, there will be seen the number of attendance, delays, overtime, and permits on all working days or holidays for all employees.

To further streamline the work of the company’s HR division, attendance data that enters the system can be directly entered into the payroll or payroll process, and there will be calculated based on employee salary on attendance report along with other components such as benefits, incentives, deductions, taxes, BPJS and the other. Well, one of the advantages of using the online attendance system we have already mentioned, what else besides that? Let’s look below.

Excellence Online Compared to Conventional Attendance Systems


Imagine how many absences the company must buy if it still uses the conventional absence system? Not to mention if the number of employees is thousands or scattered in branches outside the city, it won’t be very easy to carry out centralized management.
Not to mention, the company must set aside costs for engine maintenance, and even then, the data contained in the machine must be withdrawn manually, such as using a flash or data cable. This will take a lot of time, money, and effort.

Field Employees Can be More Productive

Field employees will benefit greatly because they can be absent in the work area, and HRD can also track through the application. Field employees do not have to bother coming to the office to be absent. They can go directly to the location. Once again, saved is the time and operational costs.

Not Too Hectic When Cutt Off

Getting into the cut off period or payroll process are very busy days for HRD, because they have to work overtime to do it all, and the results are sometimes inaccurate. HR software developers like PayrollBozz have features that can meet the needs of the HR division during cut-off times.

Starting from the online attendance system, enter the payroll process until the payslip is sent to all employees and can be viewed through the application. This makes it easier and keeps the company’s HR free from stress. Otherwise, the results will be far more accurate and anti-manipulative.

Required Software on Windows 10 Laptops and PCs

The new year has passed, of course, good prayers, and all plans were prepared so that it can be carried out well in the future. Well, for those of you who also get the chance to have a new laptop that has Windows 10 installed so that it can work more smoothly.

Google Chrome

The first additional application that you must install on your new Windows 10 laptop or PC is a browser. Yup, Google Chrome is the best browser choice for Windows 10. With this Google Chrome browser, you can surf the internet more easily and quickly.

Internet Download Manager / IDM

For those of you who frequently download movies or files on the internet, ranging from film, songs, software, etc., you need to install Yupzz’s Internet Download Manager software, with this software, downloading any file is faster. Even the speed is up to 10x faster.

Microsoft Office

Processing and creating documents is one of the important things to do on a laptop or computer. One of the best document processing software that Blog Dimensidata recommends is Microsoft Office. The features and functions of Microsoft Office are complete, starting from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

For the best anti-virus software for Windows 10 PCs and laptops, Dimensidata Blog recommends Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. One of the advantages of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s best anti-virus software is that it can detect malware very quickly and tightly. Because malware and viruses that are hidden even can be detected by the Malwarebytes application, even more amazing, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can also block websites suspected of containing malware.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema / MPC-HC

One of the activities that can be done on laptops and computers is watching videos. Whether in the form of films or music videos. To watch movies more smoothly, you need a quality video player software. The best video player for Windows 10 laptops that you can use is Media Player Classic. This software can play videos in any file format.

Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is one of the best text editor software that is good for Windows 10 PCs and laptops. Notepad ++ works using Scintilla structures to be able to display and edit text and source code files in various programming languages. Notepad ++ software is perfect for those of you who work as a developer and Blogger.

CC Cleaner

What not many people realize, as a result, if they forget to install the software that is mandatory on their new laptops and PCs. Yes, it’s slow, of course, because of the many junks in the computer that aren’t cleaned. Is that junk? Trash can be browser history, cookies, and some other junk files. To avoid this, always do regular cleaning with the CC Cleaner application so the computer can run fast and not easily lag.

The advantage of humans now in photography is increasing. Therefore, many photo editing applications have also emerged that you can use to fulfill your post filling needs on Instagram, one of which is is a lighter default Windows application that can be used to edit photos or images.



Wunderlist is one of the software that must be on the laptop to record all the agendas that you will prepare, so you don’t forget and easily find them. This wanderlust is also equipped with a special reminder tool so that you can prepare well for precious moments. The advantage of this application, you can insert document files, pictures, and even music to beautify and enhance your agenda notes. So, don’t forget to install it on your new favorite laptop.

Foxit Reader

One of the document file formats that are often used is PDF. Because of its small size, so the process of sending via e-mail is faster. Well, to open files in PDF format, you need special software. Good software for opening documents in PDF format is Foxit Reader. Because Foxit Reader PDF software has a smaller file size and lighter and free, of course. Foxit Reader features are no less good with Adobe Reader software.

What is Software? Definition& Types

Surely you have often heard the word software in your daily life. For you computer users, you are indeed very familiar with hardware and software. Because, when you start to get to know your computer, you will first be introduced to computer hardware and software. This is because software and hardware become an important part so that the computer can work well.

Then what is software? Well, if you are still confused with the notion of software, it helps you get to know the understanding of software and types of software first. If the hardware on the computer is hardware that supports computer functions such as the CPU, monitor, and mouse. The software on a network is called software because it cannot be seen physically, but the benefits can be felt digitally.

Software or software on a computer can be said as a link between hardware and users. Software is a collection of electronic data in the form of programs or instructions stored on a computer and will do a command from a computer user digitally.

Although it is not visible, the existence of software is very important in a device to work well so that humans can use it.

Types of Software

As an important part of an electronic device, the software is divided into several types depending on its use. Based on the type of software can be divided into operating systems or operating systems, programming languages, and application programs. It can be seen that a device can work well. There needs to be some software that works therein.

Operating System

The operating system or what is often referred to as the OS. The existence of an OS in a device is it a computer, cellphone, tablet, or other electronic devices is very important because, without the OS, hardware cannot be used. On a laptop, the existence of an OS is useful for giving instructions to the processor by the request of the user of the device. The OS will manage everything that happens inside the computer CPU, and the OS also becomes a platform to run application software.

Several types of OS are widely used in computer devices such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh OS. For users of mobile phones, tablets, or other similar devices must be very familiar with Android. At present most of the cellphones and other similar devices are equipped with software for mobile phones in the form of android. There are also iPhone users who use iOS. This shows that software is the key to creating digital activities that we do every day. There is no digital activity that can be done without software and hardware.

Read more: Required Software on Windows 10 Laptops and PCs

Programming Language

This type of software functions to provide instructions that are useful for defining computer application programs. The data used in this software are syntax and semantics. One type of programming language that is widely known is Java, Microsoft Visual Basic, PHP, and so on. The existence of this software is very instrumental in the implementation of instructions given by users on a device.

Application Program (Application Program)

This type of software is software whose existence is useful for carrying out special activities. This software helps carry out certain commands, call it application programs for writing, presenting, processing numbers, processing statistical data, carrying out accounting activities, and so on. One type of application program for processing numbers is Microsoft Excel, Kspread, Open Office Cals, and so on, while the writing activity application program is Microsoft Word.

Besides the various types of software, there is still much software that is divided based on their distribution. Some examples of software that are divided by type are adware, opensource, freeware, shareware, and spyware. The type of software that is free to use is open-source software that can be used publicly. This software is generally made by individuals or communities with a GPL license or General Public License. There is also a freeware software that can be used freely at any time without any time limit. Freeware generally has less complete features.

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